NCRC Mediation Is Provided FREE In Most Cases

Cases referred to NCRC by the following partners are mediated free of charge:

  • Davidson County Juvenile Court
  • Davidson County General Sessions Court
  • Davidson County DA’s Office/Warrant Screening
  • MNPD Youth Services, MDHA Housing Properties, MNPS Schools

NCRC Mediation Fee Policy 2017

For the small percentage of cases (e.g., divorce and post-divorce cases) that do not fall into the above categories, we offer the sliding scale fee schedule below. The hourly rate, per person, is based on the gross (before tax) income of each participant. A copy of your most recently filed federal income tax statement and copies of pay stubs showing the past three months wages may be needed for verification.

Adjustments may be made due to unique circumstances.

So that NCRC may meet its mission of providing mediation services to lower income individuals, NCRC reserves the right to prioritize the scheduling of cases for participants whose combined gross income is less than $80,000.



If your case is referred to us under one of our free programs, the court or referring agency will send NCRC referral information, and we will follow up with you to schedule mediation. For all other cases, including all divorce, post-divorce, and non-court referred civil and family mediations, NCRC requires each participant to complete the online Scheduling Request (link below) and pay a non-refundable $25 fee for scheduling mediation. All participants must complete these steps before NCRC will schedule a mediation. If a scheduled mediation is canceled by either party less than five days before the mediation, any request to reschedule will require an additional administration fee paid by the canceling party.

Link to Secure Scheduling Application and Fee Payment: HERE