Congrats to our Executive Director

February 17. 2017

NCRC Board Members Jessica Scouten (KraftCPAs), Josh Denton (GSRM), and Brendi Kaplan (Nelson Mullins) with Exec Director Sara Figal.


We promised to post a few pics from the “2017 Women of Influence” awards ceremony last week at the Omni Nashville Hotel. As it turned out, we had so much fun playing hooky worked so hard at this mid-day event that we didn’t get many pictures. Suffice it to say that we are grateful to the Nashville Business Journal for putting together a top-notch event; to GSRM for hosting our raucous very serious and professional table; to Judge Sheila Calloway (who earned a special shout-out from the podium during the Mayor’s address) and Mollie Henry (MHPR) for joining us; and to Kelly McGill of KGV Studios, who made all of the honorees–even our own Sara Figal–feel comfortable in front of a video camera (see clip below).




2017 Women of Influence Award

The Nashville Business Journal has announced the winners of the 11th annual Women of Influence Award, and they will honor our own Executive Director, Sara Figal, in the nonprofit leadership category. For 10 years, the award has recognized the women in Middle Tennessee who are shaping their companies, improving our communities, and paving the way for the next generation of influential female leaders.
The 11th annual Women of Influence Award luncheon takes place in Nashville on February 8, 2017, from 11:30 am – 1:00 pm at the Omni Nashville Hotel. GSRM (the law firm of Gullett Sanford Robinson and Martin) is generously hosting our table, so look for their table sign and come say hello if you are there!
Tickets are available on the NBJ website. We’ll be sure to post pictures of the event.


Here it is: the NCRC Impact Map for the second quarter of the fiscal year. The figures represent participants who mediated with us in September-December of 2016.


December 1, 2016


Today I’m linking our blog to that of Dan Haile (Haile Coaching & Leadership). He writes on “The Other ‘F’ Word” with brevity, wit, and wisdom. As a bonus, Dan ends his posts with a practice exercise that is always worth some thought. Pretty great, isn’t it?


Among my favorite socks, made by Blue Q, a company that donates to doctors without borders.

Socks by Blue Q. I’ve given many, many of these as gifts.

Here is the beginning of Dan’s 3-minute read:


In nearly every coaching relationship we have, there comes a point when we must discuss the dreaded, four-letter “F” word. This uncomfortable word strikes fear in the hearts of nearly every professional we’ve ever worked with, filling their heads with all manner of nightmarish visions of office embarrassment and censure.

I’m not talking about the “F” word that would’ve gotten your mouth washed out with soap when you were a kid.

I’m talking about a word that impacts every single leader’s life, every day—whether they acknowledge it or not.

The word is… feel.

Continue reading here…

Thanks, Dan.




November 2016

We here at NCRC have so much to be thankful for. Our daily work is demanding and creative and rewarding. In a nutshell, our task is to provide compassion, share empathy, and lend support to people who need help to restore relationships and rebalance their lives. We meet remarkable, resilient people, and we get to help them build sustainable solutions that are carried back into communities all over Nashville.

We are thankful for you and for your participation in this work. We are grateful for your part in making NCRC truly the expression of community. Yes, YOU–you who are reading this now. You who might be a donor, or a volunteer, or a curious newcomer to our efforts: your insights, challenges, encouragement, and financial support provide a strong foundation for our mission.

We are thankful for our institutional funding “partners” — a dry term. These partners are wonderful, vivid, creative, demanding, supportive people who work with the institutions that support our work, including The Healing Trust, Memorial Foundation, HCA, Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, JAMS/ACR Foundation, and of course the TN Administrative Office of the Courts. We are grateful for their crucial financial support, for their unwavering and galvanizing moral support, and for their camaraderie.

As the Executive Director, I am deeply grateful for the small circle of talented, dedicated, mission-driven individuals who comprise the NCRC staff. I can say with confidence that my life is richer in ways I can’t measure because I collaborate every day with them. Similarly, I am profoundly grateful to work with our Board of Directors — again a dry term — that is really a collective of brilliant, diverse, opinionated, huge hearted, patient, and amazingly generous human beings.

Finally and probably most importantly, we here at NCRC give thanks to our volunteer mediators. These remarkable individuals take time out of their professional and personal lives to show up wherever we ask–the Courts, the NCRC office, MDHA properties, schools–and mediate disputes of all kinds. They spend time training, not only to fulfill the mediator requirements of the Tennessee Supreme Court, but also to equip themselves with special skills required for NCRC’s particular approach to mediation. They are patient and kind and inclusive, and they are consummate professionals.

Here is a list of those remarkable people who made the decision to give their time and expertise to those most in need of conflict resolution during the past six months. As such, it is only a partial list. NCRC has been working to provide mediation as the first best option for conflict resolution since 2000. But this list will do for now, for this season of thanks.