At NCRC, the Mediation Table is a very special space. It is a place of safety, learning, confidences, and apologies. It is potentially a place of great emotional risk, and a place of great personal reward.

Every adult or young person who arrives at NCRC’s table for free mediation leaves with a new opportunity for healthy communication, respect for self and others, and a renewed sense of community.

Your support makes this happen every day.

Your gift of $150 makes a place at the Mediation Table for a vulnerable adult who needs help de-escalating conflict in order to stabilize housing and avoid homelessness.

Your gift of $200 makes a place at the Mediation Table for a parent who needs help sharing custody without stressing and confusing the children.

Your gift of $400 makes a place at the Mediation Table for an at-risk teen who needs help dialing back aggression in order to repair relationships, offer apologies, and chart a course for a productive future.

Your contribution ensures that we can respond to the needs of our neighbors, helping them resolve conflicts peacefully and safely, whatever and wherever they might be.

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If you would prefer to make a donation by personal check, please make the check out to NCRC and mail it to:

Dr. Sara Figal, Executive Director
Nashville Conflict Resolution Center
4732 W. Longdale Drive
Nashville, TN 37211

You may also contact Sara Figal to discuss donation options: 615-333-8400